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Claude Troin - Chamber Obscure



Wandsworth Art Wednesday

16 September 11am - 9pm 
We are delighted to be joining two other art galleries in Wandsworth, Caiger Contemporary Art at Oil & Water Gallery and Kristin Hjellegjerde, for a special day of events.  

All three galleries will stay open until 9pm, giving you the opportunity to join us after work and attend talks, sipping on a glass of Prosecco, looking at some exciting artworks.

There will be events within the galleries to give you a chance to learn more about the art and artists on display.

Claude Troin 

Camera Obscura

Claude Troin explores his fascination with the art produced by a ‘primitive society’, through charcoal drawings and naturally pigmented oil paintings.  His contemporary abstraction of shapes and textures is based on the earliest known and best preserved figurative drawings from deep within France’s Chauvet Cave.  Screenings of Camera Obscura, a short film by Izú Troin based on Claude's drawings and paintings will take place at 3pm and 8pm.   Last chance to view as the exhibition closes on 17 September!


Sinta Tantra

Fantastic / Chromatic 

Dapples of pink light pool around your feet, sliding across your face, your body, the walls. You are immersed in a pink fandango, the colour rippling across walls covered in bold geometric shapes and sharply contrasting tones. Caught between these two layers – sandwiched between pink glass and blue wall – the viewer becomes an accomplice in a theatre of colour and light. The effect is like a stage, the front façade deconstructed into a complex set of interior layers and sets. An investigation of the complex world of colour.

Blandine Bardeau and Rod McIntosh

When Opposites Attract

An exciting joint show exploring the artists' fascination with organic, spontaneous, fluid, mark making, drawing and painting.  Their works, both in terms of colour, composition and form, create a really interesting dialogue that spark when exhibited together.  Carefully sourcing their materials, both artists explore the depths of their chosen medium.  Researching fully, however, once paint is put to paper the materials take control.  There will be talks at 2pm and 7pm.

Arrive or depart by Thames Clipper from Blackfriars, Embankment, St George's Wharf, Cadogan Pier or Chelsea Harbour.  We are seconds from the pier at Wandsworth Riverside Quarter.  Or travel by train to Wandsworth Town.  Tube is Putney Bridge or East Putney.

Claude Troin

Camera Obscura

2 July - 17 September 2015

For many years Claude Troin has explored a fascination with the art produced by a 'primitive society'. The foundation painting within Camera Obscura was realised in 2007.  In 2014, when Izù Troin was asked to produce a film to celebrate the Chauvet Cave a collaboration formed.  Through studying the paintings found deep in the caves and using tools virtually unchanged, homemade charcoal and precious pigments, Claude has created images that vividly recall the world of 36,000 years ago.  

Through film and with light, and using charcoal and paint, the two artists developed a contemporary abstraction of shapes and textures. The resulting film is part of a collection of 15 short films entitled 36 000 Years Later, produced by Folimage with ARTE and the support of the Rhône-Alpes region.  The films were premiered in the UK at the Private View on 2 July.

"From deep in the Chauvet Cave, the visual expressions of an ‘animal society’ resonate across time with our modern perception. They bind us to our predecessors and allow us to catch a glimpse of the souls of an ancient society.

Their meaning both expands and refines our contemporary understanding of the continuing human story.  We are connected to this new 'appearance of man' through a piece of charcoal and through our wild thoughts, bridging the 30,000 year gap." Claude Troin


Grégoire Pont

23 September - 3 December 2015

Preview and Cinesthetics Performance

23 September 2015, 6pm - 9pm

Cinesthetics is a performance concept developed by the prodigious illustrator and animator Grégoire Pont.  Working with musicians, Grégoire draws creating a unique, non-repeatable experience where music and motion interplay in a synaesthetic dance where sound is embodied and image is brought to life.  The exhibition is Grégoire's first in the UK.

Grégoire Pont is a well-known name in animation and characters (like the Cosmic Family or Les Excalibrius) are loved by children all over France. Projects that have embraced his great passion for classical music include the highly successful three year series PRESTO! for French national television, seen by audiences of over three million each week, which he carried out in collaboration with celebrated French conductor François-Xavier Roth He has been commissioned by the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art (Denmark) to create a short film to accompany the music of the living composer Guillaume Connesson entitled Disco-Toccata.  He is currently working on a production of a short film with the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art (Denmark) entitled Agoraphobic due to be released in the autumn.

Grégoire has just completed a very successful series of performances in Freiburg and Helsingborg and is currently working towards further productions, in Paris at the new Philharmonie de Paris, in Strasbourg and Tokyo.