Maestro Arts


The Poems of Charles Simić read by Ruth Rosen

Thursday 18 June, 7pm

On 30th April we had an evening of Poetry and Paintings with Alfred Brendel reading his wonderfully irreverent poetry, accompanied by Adrian Brendel on the cello.  

We would delighted if you could join us in the gallery for a glass of wine and the second poetry reading exploring the portfolios, poetry and prints produced by George Nama with Alfred Brendel and Charles Simić.  Ruth Rosen will read a selection of Simić's poetry featured in Poetic Images.
The British Council has described Ruth Rosen as one of England's leading poetry and prose performers.  She has devised and delivered a series of lunchtime performances at the Tate, receiving fantastic reviews in the British press:

 "She has cornered the market in poetry reading" The Sunday Times

 "A splendid evening, a fascinating programme... She held the audience enthralled" The Evening Standard


Tickets priced at £7.00 are available through The Little Box Office

George Nama

Poetic Images - 
Portfolios, poetry and prints with Alfred Brendel and Charles Simić

16 April - 25 June 2015

George Nama has collaborated with a number of major American and European poets, producing drawings, gouaches, etchings and sculptures in response to and illuminating their writings.  Focussing around his limited edition portfolios, Poetic Images will showcase his work with Alfred Brendel and Charles Simić.  

'My images are unpredictable, appearing for a short time before they disappear or change.  Sometimes I catch them briefly, but then I feel them slip away.  It is only for that instance in passing, they are real and true.'  George Nama

Claude Troin

Chamber Obscure

2 July - 17 September 2015

For many years, Claude Troin has explored a fascination with the art produced by 'primitive society' through his paintingIn 2014, he was asked to work deep in the Chauvet Cave on a collaboration with his son Izú, responding to the earliest known and best-preserved figurative drawings in the world. The resulting images form the basis for this upcoming exhibition at Maestro Arts.  

Through film and with light, and using charcoal and paint, the two artists developed a contemporary abstraction of shapes and textures. The resulting film is part of a collection of 15 short films entitled 36 000 Years Later, produced by Folimage (with Arte and the support of the Rhône-Alpes region).  

"From deep in the Chauvet Cave, the visual expressions of an ‘animal society’ resonate across time with our modern perception. They bind us to our predecessors and allow us to catch a glimpse of the souls of an ancient society.

Their meaning both expands and refines our contemporary understanding of the continuing human story.  We are connected to this new 'appearance of man' through a piece of charcoal and through our wild thoughts, bridging the 30,000 year gap."
Claude Troin

Indeed, the tools used to make these historical artworks, namely charcoal and precious pigments, remain remarkably similar to those used today.