Maestro Arts


An evening of poetry and music, with Alfred Brendel, Adrian Brendel and George Nama


Please join us for an evening of Poetry and Paintings on 30th April 2015 at 6.30pm.

Come by boat we are seconds away from the Wandsworth Riverside Quarter Pier.

Alfred Brendel will read his poems, accompanied on the cello by Adrian Brendel.  Alfred's writings have been lauded as "a collection of texts which can be numbered among the sparse ranks of genuinely comic literature and which make the author possibly 'immortal'".  Spaces are very limited, so if you would like to join us, please contact us.

When Devils feel bored

they play at being good

With pious faces

hands neatly folded

they sit round the boardroom table

and forgive each other anything they ever did

Or might be itching to do

The first to dissolve in tears



From Devils' Pageant, a folio by George Nama and Alfred Brendel, 40/50, Limited edition Portfolio of 12 poems and etchings on Arches Vellum paper.  Each portfolio is signed by Alfred Brendel with each etching signed by the artist.

George Nama

Poetic Images - 
Portfolios, poetry and prints with Alfred Brendel and Charles Simić

16 April - 25 June 2015

George Nama has collaborated with a number of major American and European poets, producing drawings, gouaches, etchings and sculptures in response to and illuminating their writings.  Focussing around his limited edition portfolios, Poetic Images will showcase his work with Alfred Brendel and Charles Simić.  

'My images are unpredictable, appearing for a short time before they disappear or change.  Sometimes I catch them briefly, but then I feel them slip away.  It is only for that instance in passing, they are real and true.'  George Nama

Claude Troin


Chamber Obscure

30 June - 17 September 2015

For many years Claude Troin has explored a fascination for cave art through his painting. 

In 2014 working with his son, Izú Troin on a film on The Chauvet Cave, Claude produced a series of work following his long-term interest and producing an exciting exploration of cave art which formed the basis of the film. 

The result film is part of a collection of 15 entitled, 36,000 years later produced by Folimage (with Arte and the support of the Rhône - Alpes region).