Maestro Arts



Remains - Art, Opera, Music 

16 January – 
2 April 2015

'Music theatre fascinates me, the invention of a world where the tensions and harmonies of the different arts, work together as equals.'  Polzin's original artworks are central to his designs for Opera and Music.  The exhibition is featured in the Wall Street International.




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George Nama

Poetic Images - 
Portfolios, poetry and prints with Alfred Brendel and Charles Simić

16 April - 25 June 2015

George Nama has collaborated with a number of major American and European poets, producing drawings, gouaches, etchings and sculptures in response to and illuminating their writings.  Focussing around his limited edition portfolios, Poetic Images will showcase his work with Alfred Brendel and Charles Simić.  

'My images are unpredictable, appearing for a short time before they disappear or change.  Sometimes I catch them briefly, but then I feel them slip away.  It is only for that instance in passing, they are real and true.'  George Nama

Claude Troin


Chamber Obscure

30 June - 17 September 2015

For many years Claude Troin has explored a fascination for cave art through his painting. 

In 2014 working with his son, Izú Troin on a film on The Chauvet Cave, Claude produced a series of work following his long-term interest and producing an exciting exploration of cave art which formed the basis of the film. 

The result film is part of a collection of 15 entitled, 36,000 years later produced by Folimage (with Arte and the support of the Rhône - Alpes region).